AN AFRO-GERMAN HISTORY: The Lives of Africans and Afro Germans in Germany from 1884-1950 By Katharina Oguntyoe Translated by Prof. Vernessa White-Jackson

ISBN: 9781569027400
$24.95 $18.95
In the mid 1980s, several German women collaborated on a writing project evolving from their commitment to discover and embrace their full identities as Germans, Blacks, and females living in a society that is often racist and sexist.  The completed project was developed into a monograph entitled Farbe Bekennen (“Showing Our Colors”) and published in Berlin in 1986.  Well received, Farbe Bekennen was influential in promoting a metamorphosis of identity consciousness among black people living in Germany; it thereby helped to revolutionize the nascent Black German Movement two to three years before  German reunification took place in 1990.  One of the authors of Farbe Bekennen, Katharina Oguntoye, described that work as the medium through which she and her fellow authors were able to “emerge from the isolation in which we were living and name ourselves Afro-Germans or Black Germans . . . and we Black Germans began the search for our identity.”
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