ISBN: 1952936055
$16.95 $12.00
Haunted by acts of abuse, Kareemah El-Amin takes her first life at sixteen. Afterwards, she becomes Angel, a ruthless chick that will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and what she wants if to rule DC's underground in route to getting extremely rich. Lies, cunning and courage are the tools she uses to reach her goals. With revenge on her mind, Angel sets out on a bloodthirsty quest to avenge the one person in her life who meant the most to her. The clock is ticking, the police are on her trail and a shocking betrayal threatens to send her to prison for life. Will she avenge her sister and avoid the arms of the law? Or will the streets that she wanted so desperately to rule eat her alive? Or will she suffer the same fate that she'd dealt to so many others? The stakes are high, the players in the game are ruthless and the result of failure is death. This is a page turner that you won't put down.
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