Kamta: A Practical Kamitic Path for Obtaining Power

ISBN: 9780615468518
$15.00 $11.00

When Derric Moore became deathly ill due to the debilitating dis-ease lupus, the last thing he wanted to do, was to accept that it was "God's will." He needed something new and he needed something fast! So he appealed to God for help, and his ancestors and guardian spirits responded by giving him a spiritual system based upon Ancient Egyptian (Kamitic) theology and Afro-spiritual practices, which he used to improve his health. In this practical guide that approaches Kamitic philosophy from a shamanistic perspective, you'll learn how: -To tap into the Power of God within you - How to effectively pray and get your prayers answered - How we subconsciously make our bodies ill, but with a little effort can improve our overall health - How to change your dreams - Foretell the future through divination - Build sacred space to attract positive influences into your life - And, much, much more.

ISBN: 0615468519    EAN: 9780615468518
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