Little Afeni and the Cause for Reparations

ISBN: 3200038020
$15.00 $12.99
The first children's book on reparations is finally here!

...One early morning several centuries ago in West Africa, a little 9-year-old girl named Afeni and her brother Kayode are kidnapped from their home in Ijebu-Ode and taken on board of a big, terrifying ship destined for the Caribbean. When Afeni arrives on the island of Jamaica, she is forced to work on a sugar plantation where she experiences the worst slavery ever. Little Afeni and the Cause for Reparations retraces the historical journey of the book's main character Afeni and of her family in Africa and its Diaspora up to the present day. In so doing, this book explains transatlantic slavery and the necessity of reparations not only to children from the primary level, but also to grown-ups.
ISBN: 3200038020    
EAN: 9783200038028 
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