When Blacks Ruled the World: Ancient Hebrew And Black History Before Slavery

ISBN: 9798706766511
$28.95 $19.75
After successfully writing and publishing 12 children's books, I wanted to give adults a powerful history lesson on when blacks ruled the world. It all started with my coming across some important facts that have been lost in oblivion about the continent and its people. On further exploration, startling information came to light, not only about the African continent but also about how historians and researchers over the ages have manipulated theories to deliberately degrade the otherwise rich and influential heritage of Africa. This book discusses important yet unknown truths about the ancient Black civilizations and how they spread around the world, how the people and the beliefs of the African people have influenced different religions and how the Africans spread out into the world taking their knowledge, culture, art and architecture where ever they went. African history has helped shape and mold other civilizations over time without any due credit being given for it.
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